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Indian Magnet Wire

Magnet Wires Manufacturing Facilities
To meet the increasing demand for superior grade magnet wires by the industry, Haryana Insulated Wires Ltd., was set up in 1981 by a group of highly qualified technocrats. The Company's quality and systems were recognized when we were awarded ISO certification in 1995. We are the first company in the field of magnet wires in India, to have been awarded this recognition. Presently the ISO 9001:2008 certification has been awarded by Underwriter’s Laboratories. All our products are UL recognised, vide file number E 176812.

This globally recognised company, now known as SH-Haryana Wires Ltd., has a current production capacity of over 11000 metric tonnes annually and is one of the leading Indian manufacturers of round enamelled copper wires. Having manufacturing facilities at Faridabad (HY) & Hyderabad (AP)

Magnet Wires During the period of globalisation SH-Haryana Wires Ltd. maintained its independence. As an independent and privately owned company with flat hierarchies we are ideally suited to meet our customer wishes and to adapt to the varying needs of a dynamic environment in a flexible and timely manner. We wish to maintain this position in the future to benefit both the customer and the company.

In addition to a healthy financial structure, a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and the technical expertise of loyal and qualified staff, it is the customer oriented management policy which is key to the success of the company. It is a policy which is geared to recognising and developing customer and market requirements. This is to be achieved through a continuous process of optimising efforts in all areas of the company, and anticipating future requirements where possible.