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High Quality Magnet Wires

It therefore follows that the company is constantly working at meeting the demands of Total Quality Management. This is not only with regard to the quality of the finished product but also to all areas of the company involving customers, employees and the environment.

Process: The introduction of a fully automatic ERP system geared to recording operating and machine data has made a decisive step towards Total Quality Control.

Under this system all quality relevant matters relating to operating and production conditions are constantly recorded for all the 120 separate production lines An integrated warning system immediately identifies any deviation from the set parameters and the production process can thus be adjusted during operation.

The recording of all production data enables us to link every metre of wire being produced to a given customer order. The status of an order at any given time can be checked and the complete data established.
As an additional quality assurance measure and to ensure perfect insulation properties, every metre of finished wire is subjected to high-frequency voltage immediately before being wound on reels without effecting quality of the wire.

Finally, a further quality assurance measure is taken in the from of spot checks in which the sample wire taken is subjected to destructive tests. In this way we can ensure perfect quality over the whole length of the wire.