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Magnet Wires Research & Support

Copper Insulated Magnet Wires ResearchWe endeavour to maintain zero error in the quality of our products by striving to achieve total quality in our dealing with the individual customers. Customer Service and care are of prime importance to us.

Our R&D department provides an important contribution.

Whenever there are production problems to be solved at a customer's factory, our R&D staff are available to assist. Whenever technical advancements place new demands on the processing quality of the wires we search and find the right solution. This is achieved in co-operation with our customers, suppliers and independent research institutions.

In the development field emphasis is currently placed on the following:

The development of new partial discharge enamelled copper wires for motors operated with frequency converters and subjected to high voltage.

Problem solving with regard to improving the glide characteristics of enamelled copper wire - very important in high speed winding operations!